It’s very important to protect sensitive environments from particulates during the manufacture of high-value electronics, so as to reduce the potential contaminants that can cause product defects and associated yield losses. The superior tensile strength combined with low lint and excellent absorption makes the PurCotton fabric perfectly suitable for cleanroom wipes, which keeps cleanrooms free from particulates and contamination on working surfaces. Because of the patented spunlace technology, the needle-like water jets will produce a strong, nonwoven fabric without any binders, these fabrics are ideally suited for cleanroom use.


  • Low particle generation
  • Excellent wet and dry strength
  • Less likely to cause static charge
  • Solvent-resistant



Idea for this application: 60gsm plain, 100gsm plain, 35gsm 22mesh.


  • Raw Materials: 100% Fiber –rich cotton grown in the USA
  • Finish Type: Aperture (8 mesh to 22mesh) and plain
  • Basis weight: 30gsm~120gsm
  • Width: from 6cm to 200cm for both types
  • Colors: White, Blue and other solid colors
  • Core Diameter: 3”