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The Personal Care Wipes Market

As moreconsumers continue to seek convenience through technology, converters andmanufacturers in the global personal care wipes market are trying to stay aheadof the curve. More people are looking to wipes to cut time and provide easy andunique solutions never before imagined—ahem, smoke wipes—and as players in theindustry hone their innovations, they’re continuing to address the topic offlushability. The personal care wipes market has seen consistent growthworldwide over the past decade, and there are no signs of a slowdown. Accordingto market tracker Euromonitor International, the retail volume for personalcare wipes has nearly doubled from 2003 to 2013, from 93 billion units toalmost 170 billion units sold, respectively. “Total personal care wipes salesreached $8.2 billion (constant value, fixed exchange rate) in 2013, withpositive growth of 2% over 2012,” says Svetlana Uduslivaia, Head of Tissue& Hygiene Industry for Euromonitor International. “Convenience and ease ofuse—especially on the go—remain the key driver of consumer demand and growth,along with product development—including increasingly more products marketed asmore eco-friendly—and marketing to encourage use.” Euromonitor predicts therewill be a 3% growth in constant value terms in U.S. dollars (fixed exchangerate) and a 3% growth in volume terms, at compound annual growth rate, duringthe 2013-2018 time period. The total dollars estimated in 2018 will reach $9.3billion.