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Aimed to expand throughout first tiercities and provincial capitals, PurCotton successfully opened about 53 directlyowned Lifestyle Stores in the central districts' shopping malls in citiesincluding ShenZhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing,Changsha, Wuhan, and Tianjin as of 2013. Nice Princess, Nice Baby, andPurCotton Tissues, beginning from 2012, have also entered KA channels includingsupermarkets such as Vanguard , JUSCO , Carrefour. Towards business andgovernmental entities; On the net, PurCotton.com and PurCotton's Tmall (Taobao)stores are fulfilling demands from substantial online shoppers. PurCotton has aspecial team that caters to their demands.

Currently as 2013, PurCotton has enteredinto 14 cities of the mainland China, with about 53 stores. Corresponding topeople’s love of cotton products and the pursuit quality life, PurCotton hasdone a strategic adjustment which will result 45 stores each with an area ofabout 300-800 square meters in 2016.The idea was to use medical supplyproduction technology to create safe consumer goods, combining with the healthybenefits of natural cotton in creating products for those who strive for higherquality, safety, comfort, and eco friendliness.

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