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International standards

The benchmarking of industries

Since 1991, Mr. Li Jianquan founded Winner Zhuhai Medical Textile Co., Ltd. to engage in import and export trades in medical textiles, the development of the "Winner" brand had a deep connect with cotton. Through

nearly 20 years of efforts, the robust management capabilities,    R & D capabilities, innovation, brand recognition, etc. of Winner are in the leader in the domestic counterparts; therefore it has become a high-tech company which has an excellent system of development, production, international / domestic sales and regular chain sales. Currently Winner Group is made up with 14 wholly-owned subsidiary companies, three joint ventures and it maintaining to being the number one of export industry in Chinese medical dressing industry for 10 consecutive years.Winner has become a renowned international medical brand in overseas.

With the development of Winner Inc., Mr. Li Jianquan has been thinking about how to make safer medical cotton products that can better our daily life, how to make people enjoying a safer, more comfortable and healthier living products.

He boldly planned to provide healthier, environmentally friendlier cotton to severe as daily goods and was dedicated to the application and development of cotton fiber - to replace woven with non-woven, to replace synthetic fiber with cotton fiber.

Mr. Li Jianquan led the research team to rely on sound professional and passionate technical knowledge to drive research on cotton. At last, he innovatively developed an entirely new producing process - directly using the natural cotton to produce the cotton spunlacing nonwoven (PurCotton). Its production method has been patented in China, the U.S., EU, Japan, Brazil, India and 30 plus other countries, using the core patented technology to develop a series of home living cotton Products.

While Winner became a Chinese well-known trademark enjoying a reputation in the International and domestic market, Mr. Li Jianquan further extended his ideas, vision and has taken a strategic idea of expanding into consumer market from medical goods. With the idea to " Let Medical Products Close to Our Life, Let PurCotton Take Care of Our Health", in 2009, he founded Shenzhen PurCotton Technology Company.

Winner Medical Group

  • Chinese well-known trademark

  • National High-Tech Enterprise

  • Has 14 wholly owned subsidiaries, three joint ventures

  • he earliest company which achieved the certification of Chinese Medicine Medical Equipment GMP, EU CE, ISO 13485 MEDICAL DEVICE certification in Chinese medical dressing industry and the first enterprise which through the Japanese ministry of Health certification and the U.S. FDA approved

  • The benchmark enterprise of Chinese medical dressing, number one of export industry in Chinese medical dressing industry for 10 consecutive years.History